Conveyancing is an integral part of the buying and selling process, it's important you have a dedicated and efficient legal team so you know what's going on and are updated through your property transaction. Our 8 step process should help you understand the next stages.

1. Survey

There are several types of Survey and we can help you choose the right one for you.

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2. Pre-Contract

Once an offer has been accepted on a property, legal documents need to be prepared to transfer the ownership.

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3. Mortgage

It's important you have your mortgage in place as soon as possible to avoid any complications or delays.

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4. Final Report

Signatures are needed on the contract and the deed needs to be passed.

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5. Exchange

The mortgage has been finalised, both parties sign and are now legally transacted to complete. The buyer pays the deposit and agrees a completion date.

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6. After Exchange

Some final searches may be needed and the final deed is signed by the seller.

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7. Completion

You agree a date/time to transfer keys and you complete on the transaction.

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8. After Completion

The solicitors will finalise the legal requirements, including paying Stamp Duty Land Tax, Land Registration etc.

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